Essential Oils Getting Started & Educational Guides

I  understand it may feel al little overwhelming when your oils first arrive! You have these pure and powerful oils that smell amazing but now what? How do you actually use them?

Don't stress! You have me and there is so much valuable information available to us from doTERRA and other amazing sources that you'll be confidently using your oils in no time.

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Once you have a doTERRA account with me you will receive a welcome email series with all the information you need to start using your oils. I will also guide you as to where you can purchase some great educational resources and you get access to my exclusive Facebook support groups and of course you can always ask me if you need help too!

If you didn't get started in my team no worries! I've got some great getting started guides below that you can utilise and feel free to join my Gem's Essential Oils Chat Group too. 

These ebooks by doTERRA are amazing but I also have a few other resources that I LOVE to use.




This book is called the Essential Life - AKA my oils bible!

You can purchase copies of this book as well as essential oil supplies and other educational resources from AromaTools or Diffusional 


Emotions and Essential Oils is my favourite oily resource for oils to help with emotions, this book can be purchased from AromaTools and Diffusional or download a copy to your kindle app.   



The Modern Essentials App is an amazing essential oil resource that I turn to all the time!

I highly recommend anyone who has a smart phone to purchase this app. You will use it so much!

To purchase on  iphone click HERE

To purchase on Android click HERE


If you haven't already! Join my oily chat group HERE!!