Loyalty Rewards Program.jpg

The doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program or LRP as we like to call it, is an extremely generous program that is designed to really give back to doTERRA's loyal customers. 

The Loyalty Rewards Program involve's placing a monthly order. I love to think of these monthly packages as Monthly Wellness Boxes. Receiving my monthly wellness box is so exciting as I know it is packed full of goodness and low tox solutions for my family. 

You can change your order from month to month, you can order as much or as little as you like (order just needs to be 1pv), you can cancel at any time with no questions asked! just spend any points you have first as you will lose them on cancelling! 

What you will receive for being on LRP  

- 10% to 30% of your purchase back in product points to spend on FREE doTERRA products. 

- all your shipping costs back in points! How Bloody Cool is That!!

- The opportunity to earn a FREE Product of the Month every month!

- and if you wish you can even earn commissions to go towards your monthly orders by sharing doTERRA with your loved ones! This is completely optional, just ask me if you would like to learn more. 

You are completely in control of YOUR account! How you use it is up to you!!

To learn more about LRP directly from doTARRA click HERE, and if you have any questions please reach out or if you are already a member ask your upline, they will love to help you out!