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So you have received your oils and you are continually being WOWED with with just how amazing they are!

You'll surly be wanting to grow your collection and keep your oils well stocked! and I am sure you will also be wanting to share the wonderful benefits of doTERRA with your loved ones too! This is where you can start to earn some commissions directly into your doTERRA account to use on your monthly orders. 

Earning commissions is completely optional and you by no means need to be doing the doTERRA business to want to share these oils and receive a commission from doTERRA as a reward for doing so! To earn commissions you will need to place a LRP order of 100pv in the month you wish to receive commissions. Your enroller or closest upline growing a doTERRA business should be able to guide you to hosting workshops, enrolling friends and earning commissions. 

Sharing doTERRA is as easy as showing your loved ones how essential oils are benefiting you, and educating them how essential oils can solve some of their health needs too. and setting them up with their own doTERRA account! This is so easy to do, and you are giving them a great gift by allowing them to empower their health with the worlds purest, most tested and most trusted essential oils. 

Your friends and family will be so grateful that you have decided to share these gifts of nature with them too! Its such a wonderful feeling to know you have helped bless another home with natural, safe and effective health solutions. 

If you are in my team and are interested in earning  commissions to use towards your next order please get in touch and I can help you out. 

For further information on sharing doTERRA feel free to check out Sharing doTERRA University HERE



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